Duct Tape

The need to fix and fasten objects together has been around as long as humans have. In ancient times, saps and resins were used, but more recently tapes and glues are what hold the broken artifacts in our society together. Duct tape was invented during World War II and was widely used by soldiers for such jobs as repairing jeeps, making crude bandages, and keeping water out of ammunition cases [1]. It was so useful that soldiers brought the durable tape back after the war ended. Although it did not catch on immediately, duct tape quickly became a symbol of pragmatism, thrift, and resourcefulness in a society that valued new items over repaired ones. Duct tape has since become ubiquitous in our society. Unlike many pieces of expensive and intricate technology, duct tape is an equal opportunity invention, used by all different types of people. Its simple, cheap, and effective design makes it useful for everything from holding pipes together to removing warts.

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